A few months ago while on my vacation in Martinique, a friend and I decided to take a catamaran tour. On this beautiful island of French speaking natives, we spent mostly an entire day on the catamaran laying out, eating, drinking, swimming with sea turtles, and learning the history of the beautiful island. Here, we also met David who was a crew member on the tour.

David only spoke French, but was happy to be a part of my project (with the help of another crew member acting as our translator). I learned that he was from Martinique, but had never been to any other country (why would you leave paradise?).

He told us that he had been working on this catamaran for about two months, but worked on another boat for a year prior. Being on a boat, he said, was his favorite job as he preferred to be on the sea than on the land. I asked him if he had any interesting facts he wanted to share and he told us that he had twin brothers. He ended by saying the motto he lives by is “Everything that happens on the boat stays on the boat.”