Meet Elise!

Elise and I met at a networking event several months ago and have kept in contact via Facebook. I asked her if she would be interested in the 30 Days of Beautiful campaign and she didn't hesitate. When we first went out the sun was really shining bright and Elise kept blinking, but after a while we managed to get shots with her eyes open! Once she broke out her sunglasses, the rest of the shoot was a breeze. By the way you will notice that Elise came in all purple everything (hair, makeup, jewelry, and sunglasses) and it really was a compliment to her unique personality!

1. When do you feel most beautiful? 

When I am serene and peaceful on the inside (and my hair and makeup and outfit look great!)

2. What does being fearless mean to you? 

Taking the road less traveled and not worried about other people's opinions – being true to myself.

3. What was the biggest turning point in your life? 

Entering into recovery.

4. What is a goal you have been working on? 

Going Full-Time with my business.

5. Tell me your story. 

I consider myself to be a free-spirited, down-to-earth kind of woman!  Originally from Harrisburg, PA, I came to Maryland to attend college and never left.  I have been at my job for over 12 years and been a small business owner for 1 year. I value the relationships in my life and try to make time for everyone.  I love Facebook (sometimes it is the best way to stay connected to people)!  I am a spiritual person and believe that everyone happens for a reason.  My current passion in life is mentoring other small business owners to be successful and follow their dreams.  I love helping women feel beautiful inside and out.  In my "spare" time, you can find me playing in makeup, hanging with friends, having snuggle time with my cats, or going out with my spouse.

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