Meet Namatie!!!

Namatie is a native of D.C. and is an analyst with a federal agency that deals with food insecurities in Central and Southern Africa. She is an avid traveler and loves learning French. In the time during her photoshoot, Namatie showed that she was open minded to my ideas and also athletic in running around with me trying to find the light. 🙂

For the most part I am a natural light photographer, however, Namatie's shoot made me step out of my comfort zone. This shoot was the perfect example of Murphy's law and everything that could go wrong definitely did! Between traffic and the changing seasons, the shoot started late and forced us to run around trying to get as much natural light as possible. Then I finally conceded to using my flash only for my batteries to run out without any spares and leave me shining the headlights from my car on her. However, I absolutely loved the photos of Namatie and thought they were some of the most artistic I've done so far!

1. When do you feel most beautiful?

I think I feel most beautiful when I don't try as hard to be beautiful. When I wake up in the morning and I'm perfectly content with what I see in the mirror or when I finish working out, sweat and all but I think I still look cute. 

2. What does being a woman mean to you?

It means being able to do anything and everything you want. It means being strong, being able to make your own choices for your life regardless of what society or the masses may think, it means being a role model for girls and young women. It means being outstanding in whatever way you choose and however that manifests itself. 





3. What is a goal you have been working on?

To work abroad in a developing country and finally be fluent in French. (I have my heart set on West Africa). International development is my area of study and it's not always an easy arena to break into. My goal now is to work abroad for a year or so. I'm not sure when or where but I'm determined to make it happen.

4. What would you want a younger you to know?

So many things but most importantly, to not be afraid to jump in head first and (you might regret it if you miss an opportunity). Time really does fly and before you know it you're well into adulthood. And that she's beautiful; everyone has insecurities but as long as she's comfortable in her skin, nothing else matters.

5. Finish the statement- I am a woman who…

I am a woman who wants to take advantage of everything this world has to offer and offer everything I have in return.

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