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Branding & Headshot Session: Malcolm – Washington, DC Portrait Photographer

As a beauty & boudoir photographer, it's not very often that I get to photograph men. However, it makes it a lot more fun if the guy is eye candy (insert [...]

Photography with Purpose: The Women's Challenge – Baltimore, MD Boudoir Photographer

The Women's Challenge is a non-profit organization that challenges today’s women to be healthy by enriching their lives through Empowerment, Education, Encouragement & Entertainment.   This past Sunday I had [...]

30 Days of Beautiful: Ada – Washington, DC Portrait Photographer

Meet Ada! Ada is the person most woman strive to be. She's a mother of 3 (even though you can't tell because her body looks great!), Chief of the Domestic Violence Unit with [...]

Reveal Session: Geneva Renee – Washington, DC Boudoir Photographer

The Reveal... Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of capturing Geneva Renee in front of my camera. She is an adult contemporary jazz and soul singer based in Washington DC [...]

30 Days of Beautiful: Ashkea – Washington, DC Portrait Photographer

Meet Ashkea!! Ashkea is an attorney in the Washington, DC area. We attended the same law school, but she was two years behind me so we didn't really have a lot [...]

30 Days of Beautiful: Namatie – Washington, DC Portrait Photographer

Meet Namatie!!! Namatie is a native of D.C. and is an analyst with a federal agency that deals with food insecurities in Central and Southern Africa. She is an avid traveler [...]

30 Days of Beautiful: LaShanta – Washington, DC Portrait Photographer

Meet LaShanta!! LaShanta is my good friend and former co-worker at the State's Attorney's Office of Prince George's County, Maryland. LaShanta is full of positive energy and brightens up any [...]

30 Days of Beautiful: Yvette – Washington, DC Portrait Photographer

Meet Yvette! Yvette is my first cousin and she was nominated by me! For as long as I can remember she has always been a helper and sometimes to the [...]

30 Days of Beautiful: Elise – Washington, DC Portrait Photographer

Meet Elise! Elise and I met at a networking event several months ago and have kept in contact via Facebook. I asked her if she would be interested in the [...]

30 Days of Beautiful: Piper – Washington, DC Portrait Photographer

Meet Piper!! Piper and I met several years ago when we both attended Howard University School of Law. We are also both members of the same sorority, the amazing Delta [...]

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