I am a woman with body issues. Some days I don’t like it and some day I think it’s not so bad. In fact, the longer I shoot boudoir the more I realize that almost all women have body issues and that we are really, really hard on ourselves. We see every single one of our flaws, even when others don’t, and in our minds they’re on a billboard being advertised to the world.

I often ask clients what their significant other loves about their body and I will get 5-10 responses, yet most clients will only tell me one or two things she likes about her body. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “I’ve always wanted a boudoir photo shoot and I’m going to do one no soon as I lose x pounds or tighten up my (insert whatever body party),” I probably could go on an all-expense paid week vacation to the Caribbean.


The truth is there is no “perfect” body shape, type or build. Even the women on magazines (that we perceive as perfect) aren’t without flaws. The extensive editing on magazines makes these “perfect” bodies unrecognizable even to the model!

Sometimes photography is just the trick that can change this thinking. Naturally You Boudoir is about celebrating yourself exactly as you are and feeling empowered and fierce. Of course your makeup is done, you wear sexy outfits, and are posed to flatter, but feeling beautiful comes from within.


For many women, boudoir photography is the first time they see themselves as beautiful and can appreciate how the world sees them too. For others it’s a reminder to take time for themselves out of their busy lives and remember that sexy is not reserved just for women in their early 20s.

No matter what know that you are perfectly imperfect and that makes you unique. So get fly, have fun, and show the world your fearless femininity!